Lounge 1925The name Möckelsnäs is first mentioned in the 16th century but there is reason to believe that the place was inhabited earlier. According to legend, a knight named Karl Tukasson saved himself and his horse from drowning in the lake Såganässjön by praying to God for help.


His prayer was granted and gratefully he gave money for building a church in the Stenbrohult parish. Pieces of this ancient church can be seen to the right of the present church. A copy of the deed of gift, dated 1337, hangs on the wall of the church porch.

In the 16th century Möckelsnäs was leased by a farmer and by 1562 the name of an owner is mentioned; the wife Elsa, the widow of Bo Olufsson. She was the daughter of the governor of Kalmar castle, Isak Birgersson. After the death of Bo Olufsson, Elsa married Erik Henriksson Liljebielke and after him Oluf Jöransson Liljesparre. As an old woman she married Henrik Mattisson Silverhielm.

In the beginning of the 17th century, Möckelsnäs was inhabited by Isak Olsson Liljesparre, the son of Oluf Jöransson Liljesparre. He had the farm rebuilt into a manor, which was later transferred to Arvid Pedersson Stierna in the 1620s. 


We have honoured Tukasson, Liljesparre and Stierna by naming three of our meeting rooms after them. 1675 Möckelsnäs was bought by Germund Palm and with him a new, golden era began. Palm was raised to nobility, and he received the name Cederhielm. He became the county governor in Skaraborg. 1718 he was raised to baron and when he died 1719 he had reached the age of 84 years!

Germund Palm added large, new buildings at Möckelsnäs and supplemented the manor with a cattle herd. He provided the church in Stenbrohult with all kinds of gifts, for example money to a new altarpiece. He had also the pleasure to appoint a new vicar in the Stenbrohult parish and that was Nils Linnaeus, the father of Carl von Linne.

history_flyPhoto.jpg Young Carl and his father the vicar were frequent guests at Möckelsnäs, where Cederhielm supported Carl's interest in botany and medicine.


Abraham Falkengren, Cederhielm´s son-in-law, bought the manor for 2000 silver coins. (Abraham Falkengren and his wife are buried at the Stenbrohult graveyard.)

The son Germund Abraham Falkengren ran the farm until 1785, and when he died the property left by him had an estimated value of 70.000 silver coins!

The fortune was inherited by the son baron Abraham Gustav Falkengren. He shared his father´s ambition of building a new church in Stenbrohult, but he never got opportunity to experience it because he died 1817, 64 years old.


1831 the manor Möckelsnäs was sold to the lieutenant of the Kronoberg regiment, Salomon Fredrik Fredriksson, for 9.000  Swedish crowns. During the years after Fredriksson, the estate had different owners, for example Gustav Jönsson Hörberg. 1878 Möckelsnäs was bought by chamberlain Carl Eduard von Horn.


Although young, he already owned both peat bogs and quarries. Von Horn made the old house larger in the years 1906-1908 by building a new house on the outside of the old one. The two small annexes were added in the 1920s and 1930s. Möckelsnäs Herrgård belonged to the family Von Horn until the beginning of 1990. Cederhielm, Falkengren and Von Horn are also honored by naming three meeting rooms after them. 

1995 Birgit and Jan Erik Andersson bought the real estate. The buildings were changed to a ruin and nearly 30 years not in use. They completely restored it and changed the estate successfully into a hotel, restaurant and conference.

2008 Marina & Edwin Beunders-Geurts bought Möckelsnäs Herrgård to continue the story and guarantee the future!


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