Möckelsnäs Herrgård is a lovely place for a wedding reception and party! The wonderful surroundings make this fairyland environment the very last thing you need to worry about. Instead, take your time to think about where you would like to get married and how to get here. Maybe a traditional Christian ceremony in the Stenbrohult Churh nearby, and a peaceful transport through the magic beech forest suits you, or perhaps you´d wish to make your vows of commitment outdoors, in the manor´s park, just a little walk from our restaurant?


Our kitchen has a lot to offer for your menu, and as always we use ecological products as much as we can. The restaurant houses both smaller and larger groups of guests, with live music and good possibilities for whirling wedding waltzes. When the evening gets late, the terrace is an extra room with shining stars in the ceiling...


Of course we gladly welcome both the guests and the bride and groom to stay overnight. For the new-weds we will prepare the room a little extra, with luxurious sheets. After fallen into a deep sleep here, we assure you the breakfast becomes a lovely opportunity to share grand day´s memories in peace and quiet...


Welcome to have a look around and to make an appointment of a conversation about your wishes and what we can offer. We have a long tradition in helping with all the details. There are a couple of things you could think about already:


The number of guests (adults as well as children)
Are there any vegetarians or special requests (such as allergies) 
Toast of welcome and photographing
Wedding cake and coffee (with brandy)
Something to eat in the night-time or the small hours
Toastmaster and hosts 
The placing
Flowers and decorations
Dancing, music and entertainments
Guests who would like to stay the night, and/or maybe check in some days in advance 
Room for the bridal couple


Time schedule: 5 pm - 12 am
Note: weddings > 30 - 45 persons max.


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