Summer lunch menu

12.00-16.00 Monday-Saturday  
Small dishes  
Crème Ninon - green pea soup, cream, Focaccia cheese (veg)  125:-

Caesar salad - romaine lettuce, dressing, croutons & Parmesan cheese (veg)
* Optional: fillet of chicken & roasted air dried ham


Daily fresh Sandwich - Brie (veg.) / shrimps / cheese & ham) 95:-
Main courses  
Fish & Seafood stew, saffron, root vegetables, croutons & aioli 245:-
Möckelsnäs smoked trout-potatoes, asparagus & creamy sauce with roe 235:-
Beef steak- potato wedges, red onion butter, grilled vegies & red wine sauce 285:-
Chuck steak hamburger- Möckelsnäs brioche, roasted air dried ham, chili cheese,
barbeque sauce, fried egg, dressing & waffle chips
Black bean burger, Möckelsnäs brioche, fried egg, chili cheese,
barbecue sauce & waffle chips (veg.)
"Isterband" (smoked sausage) creamed root vegetables & beetroot chutney 225:-
Chocolate paste- summer berries & yuzu sorbet (citrus) 115:-
Variation of Möckelsnäs ice cream & sorbet 99:-
Child menu (only children)  
Meatballs - boiled potatoes, lingonberry & gravy 95:-
Möckelsnäs fish sticks - mashed potato, remoulade sauce, lemon 95:-
Children's ice cream (2 pieces) 75:-
3-course dinner  
Evening menu (ask our staff for the choice of the evening!) from 545:-